Selected Press

UW student projects highlight how WebXR ‘levels the playing field’ with remote VR/AR development

Trouble hearing in a crowded room? New ‘cone of silence’ could help

Estimating 3D poses of athletes in live sporting events
Creating a virtual stage when in-person isn’t possible. Blog from Microsoft AI about using our Background Matting code.

Facebook, Google and Huawei fund new AR VR reality lab at UW
UW student virtual reality projects demonstrate empathy, education, entertainment use cases
Facebook A.I. researchers figured out how to make avatars look like they’re playing music
Machine vision can create Harry Potter–style photos for muggles, 2018
AI generated Photos
AI transforms recorded soccer games into 3D holograms
Facebook can predict a musicians movement using only an audio clip, 2018
Soccer On Your Tabletop: Will We Be Watching The Next World Cup in AR? 2018
Watch real football matches in miniature played on your desk
Live 3D soccer in 3D on your tabletop
This amazing search engine automatically face-swaps you into your image results
The World’s First Hololens class at UW
Software traces faces through time
What will I look like at 60? New computer program gives sneak peek
Age progression for missing children
Special episode on aging software
Obama lip sync