Professor Kemelmacher-Shlizerman's research is in computer vision and computer graphics with focus on Generative AI. She is a Professor of Computer Science at the Allen School and Director of the UW Reality Lab. Ira's PhD is in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the Weizmann Institute of Science. 

Ira is also currently the head of Engineering and Research for Generative AI imagery for Commerce at Google. Her team recently launched Apparel Virtual Try-On on google.com, and 3D shoe spins on google.com. Previously Ira built a product Face Movies for Google in 2010; Founded a startup in 2016 which was acquired by Meta; Spent 2 years at Meta and built a video product

Ira's research works were awarded the Google faculty award, Madrona prize, the GeekWire Innovation of the Year Award, selected to the covers of CACM and SIGGRAPH, received the best student paper honorable mention at CVPR'21, and best demo runner up award MobiSys'22. Ira served as area chair and technical committee of most top conferences in both computer vision and graphics. She is a senior member of IEEE and was selected to Distinguished Member of ACM in 2021.