UWRL Program Manager David Kessler

Direct to Ira @ UW

for other requests ping me on linkedin.

Interested in Postdoc or PhD program?

PhD program: apply at UW CSE Full Time PhD and express interest in working with Prof. Kemelmacher-Shlizerman in your application. Postdocs: Contact Ira with your CV, projects, and interests.

Interested in Undergrad Research?

Check out Research and email us if you're interested to do research related to a particular project (mention which project). Register to CSE499 once you pass the interview.

Check out UW Reality Lab Incubator -- a place to build apps and startups as a team. Register to CSE495 once you pass the interview.

Bill & Melinda Gates Center UW
3800 E Stevens Way NE,
Seattle, WA 98195